Benefits of RightYoga Instructor Certification

  • Authentic, worldclass yoga instructor certification
  • Easy, economical, online via video recording
  • Overseen by real yogis and healthcare professionals
  • Customized for 1 yoga skill or 100 skills
  • Just $101 - save $1000s on yoga courses you don't need
  • No need to attend a registered yoga course or school
  • Can be a self-taught yogi or otherwise
  • FREE Membership in the prestigious RightYoga Registry
  • Teach yoga anywhere in the USA and globally
  • Teach basic or advanced yoga 
  • Can be a yogi anywhere in the world
  • Network with yogis like yourself
  • Lead and guide the future of yoga
  • Launch your legacy and get your opinions heard 
  • Get found and attract genuine students and seekers

Get certified now!


Yoga can bring harmony and peace to the entire world! But we need to have a plan:

RightYoga seeks to certify 20 million yoga instructors by 2020. 

Transformation of our world would happen quickly if we could inspire all yogis to teach at least 1 other person - perhaps a friend. 

However, to give them added confidence and to assure they are doing it right, yogis should get certified. It should be authentic, easy, customized to the specific skills they have, accessible to all, and economical. It's what we do at RightYoga! Learn more

1. Simply submit a 5 to 30 minute video recording from your smart phone - the length depends on the number of yoga postures, mudras, and paranayamas you choose to demonstrate depending on the type of your certification. No posture or other skill is too small or insignificant to teach or get certified.

2. Include in your video 3 people testifying that you are who you say you are.

3. Complete our online questionnaire.

That's it! Get certified now!

Benefits of Membership Without Certification

  • You can still join the finest yoga community in the world!
  • It's absolutely FREE for 3 years and you only have to be a Yoga Lover!
  • You get equal respect to those who are certified
  • You can network with the finest yogis
  • You don't have to submit a video - just answer the questionnaire
  • Lead the future of yoga and participate in the dialogue 
  • Share your message and experiences
  • Spark something grand and create your legacy!

Become a FREE Member now!



OUR REFUND GUARANTEE: If for any reason, we are unable to certify you, you are given feedback and are able to modify or improve your technique and then re-apply without having to make another payment.

If we are still unable to assign the appropriate yoga instructor certification, you will be given a 100% refund. Namaste!

So apply now and you could save $1000s on unneeded yoga courses.

  • RightYoga certifies even simple or 'imperfect' postures and techniques. Learn more
  • RightYoga is the most authentic registry of certified yogis in the world. Learn more
  • RightYoga respects, promotes, and certifies yogis worldwide. Learn more
  • RightYoga certification requirements and fees. Learn more
  • RightYoga promotes Doctors for Yoga. Learn more
  • RightYoga certification is easy. Learn more
  • RightYoga Instructor's Oath. Learn more
  • RightYoga Remedy. Learn more

Yoga begins with Truthfulness - Sat.

Certification from a yoga school or course that has no oversight can hurt your authenticity.

Listing in a registry that has no oversight can hurt your credibility.

Quoting their credentials can hurt your self regard.

Get properly certified and registered by RightYoga.

Stand proud of your abilities and who you are.

Benefit from yoga fully!

Don’t get confused by the commercials

Don’t get lost in the glossy glamor

Don’t get misled by the fads

Learn yoga the Right way

Practice yoga the Right way

Teach yoga the Right way

Improve your health quickly

Boost your work success

Enjoy stillness of mind

RightYoga: under the auspices of real yoga monks and The World Commission for Yoga Certification and Oversight