Yoga Instructor Certification


FACTS - yoga instructor certification, The Story of Yoga* Millions of yogis have learned yoga and taught yoga authentically without going to a school or class

* Millions of yogis have practiced yoga since their childhood

* Indian history is full of great yogis who were either able-bodied or disabled, young or aged, male or female, queen or cobbler, schooled, home-schooled, or self-taught.

* True yoga has never rejected yogis just because they could not twist into a pretzel or did not attend a certain yoga school or possess a glamorous body.

* Yoga has always promoted ‘svadhyaya’ which means self-study – with someone to guide you if need be.

* The yoga tradition of svadyaya is far different from being forced to pay out $1000s to attend a ‘yoga school’ for a practice you already know or don’t need to know.

* In accordance with ancient yoga tradition, RightYoga gives yoga instructor certification to all yogis without forcing them to learn someone else’s style or notion of yoga. - yoga instructor certification, yoga teacher certification, Teach with confidence. Get certified authentically - largeMillions of highly diverse, authentic, and experienced yoga practitioners and teachers in the US and around the world need yoga instructor certification online or otherwise.

These instructors come from raja yoga, ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, gyana yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, satsanga, Buddhist meditator or any other category or combination. 

Yet these expert yoga instructors might not have graduated from a yoga school, registered or otherwise. RightYoga recognizes that many practitioners are highly experienced in their own tradition and shouldn’t need to go to any particular yoga school to be certified and registered.

For many of these experienced yoga instructors, having to pay huge fees to graduate from a yoga school and then accumulate hundreds of hours of experience all over again before they can get yoga instructor certification is an unneeded financial and time-consuming burden.

Some organizations register only yogis who have been certified from their own yoga schools – usually after paying out thousands of dollars in fees, hotel, travel, and dining expenses – not to mention lost salaries due to taking days off work to attend 10-20 day courses.

When yoga has so much to do with frugality, simplicity, and self-study, this requirement does not make sense.

And even after all this expense and time, the certification and credentialing is sometimes dubious because there is little or no oversight on the yoga schools to ensure they are teaching appropriately.

Simply to get yoga instructor certification, registered, and found on the internet, the experienced yogi is forced to unnecessarily pay out thousands of dollars to attend a course of little use or value to him or her. Making matters more unfortunate, often, their personal practice doesn’t fit into the one-size-fits-all courses of these yoga schools and classes.

For instance, many yoga traditions are eclectic with holistic categories that overlap such as gentle yoga and bhakti yoga or ‘Eclectic Ashtanga-Hatha-Kundalini’ or ‘Hatha-Aerobic-Meditator.’ Since the true scope of yoga is so vast, most schools and teachers are unable or ill-prepared to teach the yoga tradition from which the person hails.

None of these highly important courses may be available at a yoga school or class. Yet, to get yoga instructor certification and registered so that people can find you, experienced yogis are often compelled to take an irrelevant course at the expense of thousands of dollars. This is superfluous and a waste of his or her money, time, and energy.


So how are these yoga instructors to get certification, registered, and discovered on the internet? - yoga instructor certification, Patanjali authored the Yoga SutrasRightYoga recognizes the needs of these experienced practitioners who have every right to be certified INEXPENSIVELY, recognized as yogis, and registered as those who may have graduated from a school – whether they teach yoga or not. Whether they hail from a western yoga school or eastern ashram or have been home-schooled. Whatever their body-type, age, gender, faith, or however they may have learned. Whether they learned online, from a book, magazine, or from their parents, a guru, a friend, or self-study.

Yoga is so vast, one size doesn’t fit all. There is nothing broader than yoga. It encompasses everything. This is what authentic yoga is all about. Indeed, it’s what the word yoga means: union.

RightYoga therefore offers yoga instructor certification to all authentic yogis whatever their subject of expertise: raja yogi (or yoginis), ashtanga yogi, hatha yogi, kundalini yogi, gyana yogi, karma yogi, bhakti yogi, satsanga, Buddhist meditator or any other category or combination… RightYoga humbly welcomes all authentic yoga practitioners to receive the online yoga certification they need.

RightYoga aims to heal and bridge the gap emerging between east and west, schooled and home-schooled because of the apparent bias in yoga certification. RightYoga offers yoga certification to authentic yoga practitioners whatever your background.

The tradition of yoga has survived for thousands of years because it is unbiased and unprejudiced. Authentic yogis have been accepted – indeed revered – from wherever they may come.

Continuing this authentic and ancient tradition, RightYoga humbly offers grandfathering and yoga certification of yogis provided the applicant meets the basic requirements specified that can be verified in person or via video. The provision of a video demonstrating his or her yoga experience is a requisite of all applicants.

Please note: If you are accepted for yoga instructor certification and registration with RightYoga, your certificate and online profile in our registry will reflect the skillset you presented in your application.

Om. Namaste.