Benefits of Certification and Registration With RightYoga

Online Yoga Certification 2546Every authentic yoga practitioner has the right to get yoga instructor certification, registered, and promoted according to their personal yoga background.

They also have the right to be yoga certified without being coerced into taking expensive courses they don’t need at yoga schools and various other venues. Perhaps most importantly, they have the right to express their opinions and effect the future course of yoga.

RightYoga is the premier global registry where all these rights of all yoga lovers are embraced.

1. Get AUTHENTIC online yoga instructor certification and membership in the global registry that will make you feel proud: – a registry of the finest yogis in the world.

2. Get yoga certification by real experts. Our certification process is overseen by a volunteer team of professional healthcare experts such as doctors, pharmacists, nurses and world class yoga experts. Your authentic yoga practice is actually viewed in a video of yourself you submit to us along with your answers to our detailed questionnaire. Your membership registration in our world class RightYoga Registry is not blindly accepted upon the production of a paper certificate that could easily be bought from a store and printed at home – in some cases.  

3. Get yoga certification according to your needs. To RightYoga, whether you have attended so-called registered yoga courses or not is irrelevant. Whether you teach yoga or not is irrelevant. Whether you have learned what you know over 100 hours, 1000 hours, 10 weeks or 10 years is also irrelevant. What is relevant to RightYoga – according to ancient tradition – is that you demonstrate an authentic, decent standard of practice. There is no bigotry or aristocracy in true yoga.  

4. Get yoga certification for as many or few yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditations etc as you need. If you would like to get certified for a single meditation, that’s fine with us. If you would like to get certified for 15 postures, that’s fine too.  

5. Get to display the highly respected RightYoga logo. Upon successfully receiving your online yoga instructor certification, you can download and place the  RightYoga logo on your website, business card, studio, and at venues. 

6. Attract more students. Your students will be impressed and have confidence in your abilities if you have authentic certification. Reach serious students and other yoga lovers who understand and appreciate your experience, wisdom, and what you want to teach and share with them. Gather a devoted group of yoga lovers who spread your message and the blessings of yoga.

7. Save money. If you already know yoga, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to attend a useless course to get yoga certification, registered, and visible. You can get your yoga certification right here online. Authentic. Economical. Fast. 

8. Save time. You don’t have to take days off of work to attend expensive yoga courses or studio classes. Also, you don’t have to wait months or years till you have amounted a certain number of hours teaching students before you can register even though you may have previously taught yoga for years. 

8. Save energy. You don’t have to expend yourself further in an already busy lifestyle by attending a long course and traveling long distances. 

9. Make a difference by improving the future of yoga, how it’s taught, and how it’s certified. Other yoga practitioners – especially teachers – are doing it. So can you, whether you teach or not. You are as important as them. So please speak up. Your comments on the respected RightYoga Lounge and forums can be heard by the who’s who of authentic yoga. You can get the platform and bullhorn that matters. You can message other members and get your voice heard. You can influence the future of the world’s most holistic and unifying power: yoga.

10. Network online with genuine yoga connoisseurs like yourself. Share with them. Team up with them. Expand yourself and those who hear and learn from you. 

11. Consolidate your personal legacy. You don’t have to be an unknown shooting star in the sky. On the RightYoga website you can start something grand and life-transforming for thousands of people in the same way yoga has transformed you. Be the spark that ignites your bonfire and spread your wisdom and radiance everywhere. 

12. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY also receive a special gift from RightYoga: a beautiful, personalized RightYoga badge. Get authentically certified and join now.


Om. Namaste