Doctors for Yoga

If you practice, yoga or meditation and are a doctor or any other qualified healthcare professional please share your valuable experiences on our Doctors for Yoga forum.

RightYoga recognizes that not all things are ‘bad’ about modern medicine. It is a fact that modern medicine in the treatment of many diseases and conditions is as much a lifesaver as yoga in other situations.

This is why a lifetime of medical study and graduation by healthcare professionals should not be ignored. We insist, as stated in the Eternal Oath of Yoga Instructors, RightYoga Instructors pledge to “Refer my students to medically certified healthcare professionals if in any doubt about their physical or mental condition – and refuse to teach yoga to such students until appropriate approval has been acquired.”

RightYoga believes in holistic teamwork. Science and Spirituality need to work together to heal our world. Yogis, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, chiropractors etc need to be brought together.

Fortunately, many doctors and other healthcare professionals have taken up yoga and begun to experience its benefits. They have also begun to recommend yoga to their patients and often seen positive results. But not always.

We want to empower and encourage these healthcare professionals to share and discuss their experiences with other healthcare experts on our science and spirituality friendly RightYoga forum. This will help our goal of changing the world through the rapid spread of yoga – on a sound and safe medical foundation.

What you can do:

1. Sign up and create your personal profile and add a link to your website

2. Write your personal experiences with yoga, meditation etc  – whether positive or negative – on the forum

3. Write your patient’s experiences with yoga, meditation etc  – whether positive or negative – on the forum 

4. Respond to comments

5. Respond to other people’s experiences

6. Share your articles and help our world become a better place

Please note: You do NOT have to be certified by RightYoga. This is STRICTLY for qualified medical doctors, pharmacists, nurses, chiropractors, and medically published researchers only.

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