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Getting your yoga instructor certification from RightYoga might not be as hard as you think! 

  • Does your performance of the posture have to be perfect?
  • Does your performance of the breathing techniques need to be perfect?
  • Does your performance of other yoga stuff need to be perfect?
  • Must you look glamorous like the yoga models in magazines?
  • Must you be skinny?
  • Must you be ultra-flexible and twist yourself into a knot?

Answers: No. No. No. No. No. No.

However, you should have a decent ability in what you do. Authentic Yoga is about personal growth at your own pace, according to your body type and age. More mature practitioners due to various factors may not be as flexible as younger yogis.

Indian history is replete with great yogis who were either young or aged, fit or disabled, male or female, queen or cobbler.

True yoga has never rejected genuine practitioners just because they could not twist into a pretzel or did not attend a certain yoga school or fit a glamorized body image.

Yoga is not so much about looking great but being healthy and feeling great.

Join RightYoga’s authentic and enthusiastic community of yoga lovers. Join the finest community of yogis where – in the ancient tradition of yoga – every other member is already your friend by default! (However, you can block people if you want)

Are you a homeschooled or self-taught yogi? Join here! Have you attended a yoga school or course? Join here! You can also certify and register your Yoga School or Studio!

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