No Posture or Technique is Too Small

No posture or technique is too ‘small’ or insignificant to teach or get certified.

Does your video demonstration have to be perfect? No.

Yoga Instructor Certification for your category will probably be less challenging than you think, depending on which category you apply for. It can be customized according to your needs.

If you want, you can be certified for just 1 single posture or breathing technique such as lotus pose or alternate nostril breathing.

Though these techniques are VERY simple to perform, they have profound effects on mood and health. They should not be considered ‘small.’

We certify them because they are every much as important to our lives as are the more complex techniques – perhaps more so when done regularly.

RightYoga recognizes the fact that yoga is practiced in many different ways in many traditions which are thousands of years old. Yoga isn’t just twisting into a pretzel. It is much more profound.