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The questionnaire is fairly detailed and might require a little more time for some applicants. However, to make it as easy as possible for you we have tried to keep most of the questions with ‘drop down’ answers that you can easily select. 

However, if for any reason you lose your internet connection you might lose the answers you typed.

Solution: you can copy paste the questions into a word document and first type the answers there and save the document. Then, when you are ready, you can quickly copy paste each answer into the online questionnaire.

All fields marked with an *asterisk are mandatory.

Please read these important links:

How to submit your video

The Eternal Oath of Yoga Instructors


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Please choose one of the four certifications types offered. To apply for more than 1 type you will need to apply for them separately

*What is your yoga background?

Please write as much as you can. Minimum 2-3 sentences.

Please write as much as you can. Minimum 2-3 sentences.

*How often do you practice yoga?

Please write as much as you can. Minimum 2-3 sentences.

*Which yoga postures can you do for at least 30 seconds?

Use of supports such as blocks and towels is accepted.

Please also tell us how many minutes or hours you can comfortably hold them.

*Which breathing techniques can you do?

*Which meditation techniques can you do?

Please write as much as you can. Minimum 2-3 sentences.

Please select your gender.

Please state your marital background.

Please state your current profession.

Please state your Faith or leaning

Please state your other faith or leaning.

What is your country of birth?

Please state the country where you currently live.

Please give your cellphone / mobile Whatsapp number with COUNTRY-CODE accurately. We MUST have this so that we can compare it with the number from which we receive your video. We will then know that it is YOUR video. So the two numbers must be the same. This helps avoid mixups and strengthens your security. It will also confirm it is you who is speaking if you need to call us. Thank you for understanding. We are yogis so we will not share your number with anyone. See our privacy policy below. Namaste!

*My 5-30 minute yoga video is ready and saved with my name

I will send the video to RightYoga by Whatsapp immediately after submitting this questionnaire

*The video is in accordance with the RightYoga certification I am applying for.

*The video contains three other people vouching for the authenticity of my practice.

*I agree that part or all of this form may become part of my profile in The RightYoga Registry.

*I have filled this application form to the best of my knowledge.

*I accept the terms and conditions. (See link at bottom of page for full details. Your privacy is paramount to RightYoga.

Your information and video will never be shared.

*I accept the Eternal Oath of Yoga Instructors by Yogi Sanjay C Patel

Please type your full legal first and last names as spelled in English.

Please type today's date: month/day/year

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