Our Vision and Mission

Yoga can bring harmony and peace to the entire world! But we need to have a plan:

RightYoga seeks to certify 20 million yoga instructors by 2020. 

Transformation of our world would happen quickly if we could inspire most yogis to teach at least 1 other person – perhaps a friend. 

However, to give them the confidence to do so, and to assure they are doing it right, yogis should get certified. This should be authentic, easy, customized to the specific skills they have, accessible to all, and economical. It’s what we do at RightYoga!

If you can teach just 1 person yoga, you should be an instructor. It is irrelevant from whom or where you learned yoga as long as your yoga skills are decent. Even if you know only one yoga pose, breathing technique or meditation, you can get certified. You don’t have to be able to twist into a pretzel though extreme postures are accepted.

Currently, getting certified could cost between $5000-$10,000 after attending many classes and courses you may not even need. This is a huge waste.

After consultation with world class yogis and healthcare professionals we concluded that certification through video would be best. It is easy, authentic, economical, online, and global. The yoga instructor certification is overseen by former monks and healthcare professionals.

You will also need to accept an ancient oath. RightYoga promotes age-old yoga in its ‘right’ or original holistic and spiritual context. This makes our authentic, modern, and streamlined process unique.

We are also formed under the auspices of The World Commission for Yoga Certification and Oversight. Let’s heal our world quickly! Become a certified yoga instructor and teach yoga to at least one other person – or even thousands.

Why RightYoga? We’re healing the world, one yogi at a time!