RightYoga For Better Yoga Certification


The surging growth and popularity of yoga worldwide has brought with it many new challenges:

  1. Yogis are not able to get the instructor certification they need
  2. Yogis are being charged excessively for yoga certification – up to $10,000
  3. Yogis are being forced to pay and attend classes and schools they don’t need
  4. Students are suffering injuries
  5. Some are alleging sexual misconduct by their teachers
  6. The yoga taught is inauthentic, unscientific, and unhealthy
  7. The yoga taught excludes the highly healthy breathing exercises, meditations, and ethics that are the hallmark of authentic yoga
  8. Experienced yogis are rejected from certification and registration because of narrow admission guidelines
  9. The number of private yoga practitioners in the world outnumber the number of teachers
  10. In many cases these private practitioners have practiced yoga and its principles for generations and are more authentic in their practice than many teachers
  11. Yet these authentic non-teachers are prevented from influencing the future course of yoga or even interacting with these teachers on the same level because they are not allowed to get certified or registered on the same sites. This means there is no interaction possible between experience private practitioners and new teachers
  12. The future of yoga is being unhealthily commandeered by the minority – teachers and marketers. The future direction, definition, and image of yoga is being determined by and large by newbie teachers who are often quite ignorant, off-balance, one-eyed, non-spiritual, and non-holistic
  13. Some yoga instructors are so insensitive or oblivious to the holistic, ethical, and spiritual monument that yoga is, they are cavalierly instructing their students to drink, eat, and smoke whatever they want – even while attending their courses and learning yoga.
  14. Some yoga teachers encourage students to behave as they wish and profit as they wish from yoga.
  15. Some yoga teachers even enter unprofessional relationships with students that bring shame on the yoga name. Due to huge media coverage, this behavior has recently bred some mistrust of yoga teachers. All this is antithetical to authentic millennia-old yoga principles and practices.
  16. There are many yoga schools offering certification and registration without proper screening of applicants. Some people can get yoga certification before they even learn yoga. Or their certification is so broad, it could be misconstrued that they know asanas etc they have not actually learned. Some websites might even have sizable numbers of members. To be registered they only have to submit a paper certificate that they can print at home. These members and their yoga abilities have not been visually evaluated by registrars. It’s a huge loophole. 
  17. Even the yoga schools that teach some of these members are not screened with visual oversight. There is nobody there to check whether those yoga schools are really teaching yoga appropriately. They are left to do as they will with little or no oversight.

The RightYoga Remedy

To remedy these and many other challenges, RightYoga offers yogis the opportunity to get authentic yoga certification online and registered without spending thousands of dollars to attend a superfluous course that they don’t need to take. This also saves them thousands of dollars on hotel accommodations, travelling, and dining.

RightYoga believes authentic certification, credentialing, and registration require a VISUAL evaluation. All yogis need to do is submit RightYoga’s application form and a 5-20 minute video demonstrating their yoga background is authentic.

Only after an applicant demonstrates him or herself through video to have a decent ability in the yoga practices they wish to teach does that applicant receive online yoga certification and invitation into this respected community of yoga practitioners – instructors and non-instructors. 

An applicant’s use of supports, blocks, blankets, and towels such as those suggested by BKS Iyengar is acceptable.

Also, while some registries use quantity in hours of practice to evaluate an applicant, RightYoga uses QUALITY and authenticity of practice to evaluate the applicant.

In accordance with its authentic yoga background, RightYoga does not use 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, or 1000 hours to certify you. Instead, RightYoga visually assesses your practice from a 5-20 minute video demonstration. You will find this emphasis on quality reflected in the minimum standards required to be certified and registered with RightYoga.

For authentic yoga instructor certification, RightYoga is aided by a volunteer team of healthcare professionals and world class yoga experts.

RightYoga believes yoga is about balance in all things. The future of yoga should therefore be guided by the wisdom of experienced yogis as well as yoga instructors. Both should have a voice. Non-teachers and teachers should work together.

This balance is a major reason why the ancient yoga tradition that has survived and thrived across millennia.

RightYoga requests all yogis everywhere to ‘take back yoga’ and espouse its more healthy, compassionate, and holistic lifestyle and philosophy. Join our community. Sound off in our forums and chatrooms. Spread the real meaning and goodness of yoga. 

It is not as difficult as you may think. See how simple it is!