The RightYoga Remedy


Yoga Certification Online 28388525_sRightYoga’s Remedies for the many lapses and loopholes in the current way yogis receive yoga instructor certification are:

1. Provide all authentic yogis whether they are teachers or not the ability to get yoga instructor certification, registered, and therefore the ability to teach at least one other person the yoga they know. This way, private yoga practitioners can help others experience the benefits of yoga and change our world more quickly than full-time yoga instructors could do alone.

2. Conduct an authentic online yoga instructor certification assessment of a yogi’s skills via 5-20 minute video demonstration and a detailed questionnaire.

3. Create an authentic registry of yogis based on this assessment rather than the usual paper certificates (often phony or easily awarded).

4. Save yogis money, time, and energy. Authentic yogis often end up having to pay thousands of dollars to attend a course that is irrelevant to them just to get certification, registered, and found on the internet. By certifying them directly via assessment of a video recording, RightYoga does not have to rely on blind faith in the testimony of a yoga school, registered or otherwise, a paper certificate, or any other source. Simultaneously, the yogi saves $1000s on the course and possibly $1000s more by not being forced to take days off of work to attend the course or studio classes, and pay for travel, accommodations, and dining. Yogis also save time and energy since they don’t have to wait months or years till they have amounted a certain number of hours practicing or teaching before they can register even though they may previously have practiced or taught yoga for decades.

5. Gather all yogis – teachers and non-teachers – together to charter the future growth of yoga whilst preserving its ancient, holistic, scientific, and ethical standards.

6. Revive an Eternal Oath of Yoga Instructors to diligently and proudly uphold. All yogis who wish to receive yoga instructor certification and registration with RightYoga – a registry of the finest yogis in the world – are required to agree to this Oath. Read it here.

5-20 minute video demonstration of your practice. 

Online application / questionnaire.